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Private Detective Services in Tampa, FL

Welcome to K&R Investigative Group Inc. Specializing in Private Investigations for the Greater Tampa Bay Area.
kr-black-and-white-letters7-150x150 is a full service private investigation agency. We provide professional, confidential, investigative support and executive protection to law firms, corporations, small businesses and the general public. Our investigators are available on short notice 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  K&R Investigative Group Inc. understands our client’s needs. We have the training, experience, and expertise to provide you with the results and evidence you need, when you need them, at fees designed to meet your budget. We provide investigations and personal protection services throughout the Tampa Bay Area and the State of Florida.

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Some of the private investigation services we provide include:

  • GPS Tracking
  • GPS Detection
  • Background Checks
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Driver License Records
  • Surveillance
  • Bug & Camera Sweeps
  • Employment Search
  • Financial Records Search
  • Recover Deleted Cell Phone Information

K&R Investigative Group Inc. provides our corporate clients the means to be proactive in responding to or avoiding workplace violence issues. This includes responding to threats made to management personnel, the company, or its employees, as well as providing qualified personnel to be present as peace keepers during employee terminations. Executive protection details are customized to fit your situation and are available around the country and abroad.

Our executive protection details are tailored to fit each situation corporate or private. Offering services to protect you and your family from a wide array of threats. From domestic violence to abuse situations, child custody disputes, harassment, stalking, and any other potentially dangerous situation.

When experience, integrity, and confidentiality count, you can rely on Tampa Bay’s premier investigators, K&R Investigative Group Inc. to do the job, and to do it right! Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Do you need a Tampa Private Investigator?

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